You don't need Electron for lightspeed.
Meet something lighter.


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What is this?

Scriptonit is your new best friend to create Windows apps.

Imagine a very-easy-to-use environment where you can use your HTML/JS/CSS skills, but also access the local files and work like a real application! This is the idea behind Scriptonit. You can literally create a fully functional app in a few minutes. And you already know everything.

Technically, it's a headless browser window. But it's a lot more than that. Do you know Electron? It's something like that. Only, this one is super slim and fast and works out of the box.

Why choose Scriptonit over Electron?

Because it's small, fast and ridiculously easy to use.
Here's what I mean:

SMALL - usually, a desktop app done in Electron will be like 30-50 megabytes, sometimes more, without the data. It's just what you need to even wake up the beast. With Scriptonit, you have a 0.1MB executable file (yes, zero point one, 85 kilobytes to be precise) and a small app folder with your source. One of my own tools written in Scriptonit, app itself is 30k, plus bootstrap plus jquery, so at the end of the day it's like 250k. That's 0.34MB altogether, including the exe file.

FAST - I mean, under 200ms, from clicking the app, to being ready to use. It all depends on what you're doing and what kind of a monster you have for a computer; but it starts lightning fast. Mainly because it's small, but also it utilizes many components that are probably already loaded.

EASY TO USE - well, the most developer-friendly thing you've ever seen is instant refresh. Use any editor (even just a Notepad), keep the app running next to it, and you'll see your changes instantly whenever you hit Save. It's just there. It's like programming should have always been, since your first 10 PRINT "HELLO" in numbered basic.

Wait, let me center this with a bigger font.

It's just like you imagined programming would be.
You write something - and it happens.

You'll see how this helps you stay in the flow, boosting your productivity from the start.
But there's more.

Scriptonit was designed with simplicity in mind. You need something, it's right there. If it's not, you can ask the operating system. For this, you can use one-shot or realtime shell capturing, that is, either just run some OS command and get the results, or start it and keep watching the output. It's made very convenient with simple JS callbacks. You also have a filesystem interface so you can access local files directly, including listing them recursively. There's an MCI audio control to play (or record!) sounds on the OS level. There's a lot more, including some cherries on the top like auto-remembering window size & position, plaintext config, ability to hide window borders, but the main thing is the joy of creation. The happiness of freedom that was part of the world of developers once, back then, and now it's here again.


As a fellow developer, I'm supporting you with this powerful tool so that you can create amazing pieces of software. If you think it helped you, if you do enjoy creating with it, please consider supporting my work!

I prefer USD if possible.
$10 is fine, $20 is wonderful.

Thank you!