SCRIPTONIT documentation   © 2021, Denes Kellner
Listing files

Listing files is quite easy, but it has 4 slightly different output formats:

//  Simple
    let myList = sci.file.list("d:\\home\\voices\\Allison");

//  Files only
    let myList = sci.file.listFiles("d:\\home\\voices\\Allison");

//  Directories only
    let myList = sci.file.listDirs("d:\\home\\voices\\Allison");

//  Files with details: modtime, size, name
    let myList = sci.file.listDetails("d:\\home\\voices\\Allison");

These calls give you a multiline string, that is, items separated by \n character; the last one will also have the details, using Tab (\t) between fields. The order of fields is always modtime, size, name.

Each of the four functions can handle a second parameter, which is a file mask:

    let myList = sci.file.listDetails("d:\\home\\voices\\Allison","*.txt");

This will give you a detailed list, but with .txt files only.