SCRIPTONIT documentation   © 2021, Denes Kellner
Application options

If you have a file named options.txt in the app/ folder, you can set some configuration options for Scriptonit that you could not achieve from within your application. Omitting this file is allright; all settings have defaults. But if you don't want your users to be able to exit with Alt+F4, or want to change the default dimensions of the application window, here's how it's done. (the ending comments are optional, thank you Captain Obvious)

Close on ESC                        yes         //  main window closes on ESC
Initial window size                 900x500     //  on first start; then it remembers
Initial window position             100,100     //  on first start; then it remembers
Initial border style                none        //  sizable/none/... (FormBorderStyle)
Maximum window size                 1200x800    //  resizing constraints
Minimum window size                 300x200     //  resizing constraints
Always on top                       no          //  stay-on-top window, default=no
Remember window position            yes         //  remember last time
Remember window size                yes         //  remember last time
Follow document title changes       yes         //  js can change title
Break on script errors              yes         //  allow js to throw errors
Use web browser context menu        no          //  right-clicking shows browser menu
Use web browser hotkeys             no          //  F5 to refresh, etc; default=no
Use Scriptonit context menu         no          //  Scriptonit's own right-click menu

As you can see, the file format is very simple, it probably doesn't need much explanation. However it's important to note that at least 3 spaces or a tab is required between the columns. (Makes sense btw) Also, there are some non-trivials:

  • No quotes needed - anything after the separator spaces will be considered as one string.
  • Comments are tricky - you can start a line with //, but to append a comment, use 3+ spaces before //!
  • AxB means A,B - when specifying coordinate pairs, you can use the letter x as a separator.
  • Many ways to bool - you can say yes, no, true, false, on, off, enabled or disabled.

That's all you need to know.